What’s in our Daytox blend?

This week we’re shining a spotlight on three more of the amazing ingredients that go into our Daytox tea: ginseng, lemongrass and fennel seeds. All of the yummy ingredients that go into Daytox are 100% natural and promote good health and here’s why we select these special three to go into our blend. We’ve already posted about the benefits of two of the others, ginger and oolong tea so just click on the links to find out more about them.


Our ginseng comes from China and the root has been used in their traditional medicines for centuries. The main compound which really help us drinkers out is ginsenosides because it’s the one that give the root its anti-inflammatory and beneficial antioxidant properties. One study showed how taking a ginseng extract over the course of seven days decreased levels of certain inflammatory markers compared to a placebo group and another demonstrated that it can increase antioxidant enzyme activities.


More than just a great addition to Thai dishes, lemongrass makes a wonderful tea ingredient due to its natural diuretic properties. This means it makes you urinate more often, helping to rid your body of excess fluid and sodium without any detriment to your other organs or any side effects.

Fennel seeds

Just like lemongrass, fennel seeds also work as a diuretic (reducing water retention and contributing to weight loss at the same time). interestingly, one Korean study found that drinking fennel tea can help suppress appetite in overweight people and this could be down to the fact that the seeds are rich in fibre which keeps you fuller for longer. 

These three amazing tea ingredients each have their own important part to play in helping you to lead a healthy lifestyle and even supporting you to reach your weight loss goals. We’ve already posted the benefits of two of the others, ginger and oolong tea so just click on the links to find out more about them.

And if you haven’t already, give our Daytox a go and find how out all these ingredients fit together to make a delicious blend.

Featured Products

28 Day Teatox

28 day Fruiteatox Teatox package to include in your four week detox programme. Contains

  • 28 teabags of refreshing and invigorating Fruiteatox Lemon Daytox tea to be used every day for two weeks
  • 14 teabags of calming and settling Orange Sleeptox tea to be drunk one every 2 nights

14 Day Sleeptox

Your 14 day Orange Sleeptox includes 7 pyramid teabags to be drunk every other night for 2 weeks.

It’s formulated to be enjoyed before bed to aid relaxation, give you a peaceful night’s sleep and cleanse your body of toxins.



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