What you need to add to your list of superfoods in 2018

When it comes to eating and drinking healthily, there’s no better way to sustain your body than to go with your gut and pick the most nutritionally beneficial foods. Every year, though, there’s a buzz of excitement around the latest superfoods to come onto the radar so what better time to update our diets now we know what’s going to take over the nation in 2108?

Fermented foods

The Koreans and Germans have been making cabbage cool for a long time now. Fermented favourites like kimchi and sauerkraut are popular for good reason: they’re packed with probiotics – the good bacteria we all need – which help us to absorb nutrients from food, and contain vitamin C and minerals including iron and calcium. Look out also for kefir, a probiotic milk-based drink, known to maintain gut health.

Powerful powders

The great thing about powders is that they can easily be added to your favourite smoothie, soup and latte, and you still get a good nutrition boost. Supergreen powder moringa is packed with fibre and iron, high in antioxidants and can just about go unnoticed on a smoothie or even just an apple juice. We’re also adding matcha, curcuma, spirulina and maca to our lists.

Chaga mushrooms

Drinking your mushrooms is the new way to get a hit of fibre and give your immune system a helping hand. You’re likely to see them on menus as coffee or tea but did you also know their anti-inflammatory properties help with any irritation in the bowels?

Maqui berry

Move over acai and goji berries. These Chilean natives are low in sugar and high in antioxidants that help protect our bodies from the toxic effects of free radicals. With a less bitter taste and milder flavour compared to gojis and acai, maqui berries are likely to be found in the UK powder form, so remember to sprinkle some on your breakfast bowl.


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