What are the benefits of drinking detox tea?

As we’re just about getting through the depths of the colder months of the year we rely on warming and nutrient-packed teas give our immune systems the boost they need. Picking a detox tea as an alternative to soft drinks, coffee and regular tea can sometimes be overwhelming with the amount of choice so we’ve rounded up some of the benefits of specific detox tea ingredients you should be looking out for when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

Aids digestion

There are some wonderful ingredients added to detox teas which work wonders at helping to reduce that ‘bloated’ feeling. Peppermint is one of them but you’ll also find ginger is a common addition to detox tea because of its ability to ease and prevent nausea.


If you want to get the maximum vitamin and mineral intake from your tea then look out for one containing oolong or rooibos. Oolong tea is rich in polyphenol which acts as an antioxidant in the body, aiding the breakdown of fat. Antioxidant-rich rooibos functions as an anti-inflammatory, meaning it protects cells within the body from damage by free radicals.

Hydration boost

Guidelines tell us we should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day – and tea counts as part of a balanced diet so that’s excellent news when you’ve found a favourite detox infusion! Be aware though, if your choice of detox tea contains caffeine, this can make the body produce urine quicker.

…and relax

Teas containing camomile are popular due to their soothing and relaxing qualities, making it an ideal addition to your night time routine (and just like peppermint, it also helps sooth the stomach). Lavender is also a common addition to night time detox teas as it’s known for its soothing qualities, helping with sleeplessness and to calm the mind.


We think everyone should find one that’s right for them – drinking a tasty herbal detox tea is one of the most healthy and easiest ways to improve your general wellbeing. If you’re interested in trying a great-tasting tea with health benefits, take a look at our Daytox and Sleeptox teas.

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