Three ways to stay in shape in the colder months

It’s so tempting to put off any form of exercise when the nights are still long and the weather is pretty bleak. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay snuggled up inside until spring comes about, in fact, a good workout will get the endorphins going and help fight those seasonal blues. Try these three ways to stay in shape and boost your state of mind.

Buddy up

Find a friend who also needs that extra nudge so that you can motivate each other, and have someone to chat to during your workout. According to research, you’re more likely to lose motivation when exercising alone so get a fitness buddy on board. You could even just chuck on your trainers and head out for a jog together, or maybe you’ll find a dance class to join so you don’t feel so intimidated among a group of new faces.

Max your lunch hour

One good way to avoid going back outside after you get home from the office is to pop to the gym or jog around the block on your lunch break. It makes even more sense when you consider the fact that it will improve your concentration and productivity when you get back to the office. If you’re super short on time, a quick burst of exercise in the form of a HIIT session or a spinning class will help you incorporate a workout into your daily routine.

Workout at home

Now here’s the best thing: you don’t leave the house to work out, saving you lots of travelling time (oh, and don’t forget the fact that you can work out in your pyjamas if you wanted to)! Clear a space in your front room, get your favourite playlist going, grab your hand weights, and you’re good to go. We’ve put together our own PT-accredited fitness plan which you can do indoors and with minimal equipment, so working out is never a chore.


Finding your fitness mojo is about doing what feels right for you. Just remember that healthy habits, including regularly exercising, form part of an all-round wholesome lifestyle so you can live better in the skin you’re in. At Fruiteatox, we want people to feel their best and maintain a healthy lifestyle – find out more at

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