The best healthy sweet snacks for your elevenses

Trying to avoid all those office chocolate biscuits and sweets every time you go for a tea break? It’s tricky when they’re coming out of your ears but there are so many other sweet alternatives, we’re sure we’ve rounded the best ones to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth – take a look.

A chocolate hit

With just four ingredients, Ape’s crispy coconut curls in salted chocolate are a truly scrumptious baked treat. One packet of 20g contains just 96 calories which is amazing for a satisfying crunch when you’re bored of munching on the same old popcorn and crisps.  We also love the fact that they’re gluten-free if you’re prone to a bloated belly after wheat-based snacks.

From seed to snack

One of the best fruit and seed bars on the market, Rude Health The Pumpkin gives you a good date and apple hit and keeps you full thanks to the good fats from the seeds. A subtlety spiced bar (it’s made with warming cinnamon and ginger), it’s a fantastic snack made from ingredients that could potentially be very boring but without any compromise on taste.

A pro for protein

Chocolate and mint is a tried and tested combo and we love the Bounce Protein Bomb in Cacao Mint because it’s packed with sunflower seeds and cacao nibs and even manages to make peas taste delectable in a sweet treat. Super handy for carrying in your gym or hand bag, these will sustain the most active of us.

Tropical temptation

Pina colada fans will love the fruity combination of coconut, pineapple and mango of Graze’s Vitamin C Crush for a tasty way to get your much-needed vitamin C (that’s 39% of your recommended daily amount in a pack, thanks very much). Why not try it on plain yoghurt for a more substantial snack or keep it to just over 100 calories by munching on the fruity bites alone.

For the hungry

Been to the gym and need something to satiate you until lunchtime? Try Chia Pod Dark Cocoa for a delicious plant-based mini bowl of goodness. Chia seeds are a good source of omega 3 and are high in dietary fibre, making them perfect for a guilt-free but tasty and good-for-you snack.


Now you must be in need of a guilt-free tea to go with your elevenses, right? Ours not only taste great, they are blended with naturally good-for-you ingredients like ginseng, lemongrass and liquorice root. Take a look at our range to get yours.

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