28 Day Teatox


28 Day Teatox

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28 day Fruiteatox Teatox package to include in your four week detox programme.

28 teabags of refreshing and invigorating Fruiteatox Lemon Daytox tea – one every day for two weeks.

14 teabags of calming and settling Orange Sleeptox tea to be drunk one every 2 nights.


Fruiteatox 28 day Teatox can be an important part of your two week detox programme.

It contains 28 Lemon Daytox teabags – a great, invigorating start to each day – and 14 Orange Sleeptox teabags to give you peace and calm before you settle down for the night. We recommend that Orange Sleeptox in used every other night as it contains a small proportion of senna.

The Fruiteatox blend is 100% natural.  Lemon Daytox includes ginseng, ginger root, yerba mate, liquorice root, tie guan yin oolong, lemongrass, fennel seed, lemon peel and oil for a refreshing and invigorating start to the day. Orange Sleeptox contains chamomile, senna, valerian root, hawthorn leaves, lavender as well as orange peel and orange oil.

Lemon Daytox will help to radiate your skin, suppress your appetite keeping you feeling fuller for longer and get rid of bloating. Orange Sleeptox will help to give you a peaceful night’s sleep – it’s designed to be enjoyed before bed to aid relaxation and cleanse your body of toxins.

All Fruiteatox is blended and bagged in the UK at a facility that is part of the UK Tea Council and is also Ethical Tea Partnership certified.

You can read more about each of our ingredients, their story and how they’ve been used traditionally here.



  1. Grace

    Lovely tea I don’t feel or look bloated, it keeps me regular And I actually enjoy the taste. Highly recommend

  2. Karen

    Start using fruiteatix begining of this year with weight watchers and i absolutely love it i dont feel bloaty and i feel trimmer and i have lost 9lbs since i start the fruiteatox love it i am running out need to order again xx

  3. Gabriella (verified owner)

    I did the 28 day Teatox last year and lost about 8 pounds, and I was only like 120 to begin with. It really helped me get on track with my diet and made me feel way less bloated. Since then I started college and have gained the typical “freshman 15” So I am about to do my second Teatox. It tastes great and is super easy. I love that it makes me feel healthier so then I start eating better and suddenly I looked so much thinner. I would recommend this to anyone who is starting a new diet or even just wants to try a great tasting tea.

  4. Laura (verified owner)

    Cannot recommend this enough! I don’t leave reviews usually, but I have really enjoyed this teatox and am definitely buying another one when I have finished. I have been sleeping better and feeling more energetic. I’m not sure if it has helped my weight loss as I am already on slimming world, but it certainly hasn’t slowed it, I have lost 4lbs in the last two weeks! The lemon daytox took a bit of getting used too, but I love the orange nighttox, I would drink it every night if I could! I am buying again, and would recommend everyone to try it, even just the 14 day one! Love it!

  5. Jacqueline

    Purchase teatox from Groupons and absolutely loved the results. Lost 6 lbs and I feel great. Will definitely purchase again and again.

  6. punsaa

    I like it

  7. Saruul

    It’s amazing magic tea, made my waist to 68cm from 73cm just in 12days! Thanks so much Fruiteatox

  8. Nominerdene

    i like fruiteatox

  9. Lisa (verified owner)

    Seriously, do yourself a favor and ORDER THIS NOW! Easily the best tasting teatox on the market by a long shot! If you keep up with it to the letter your bloat will be gone in days.

  10. Donna

    My daughter has tried your detox tea, and her skin is looking so much better, So I would live to order the twenty eight days supply.

  11. Carolina

    I like it

  12. Layla

    this stuff is amazing not only does it help you loose weight it made me feel fab! Definetely keeping up with this!x

  13. Matt (verified owner)

    Just finished my 14 day Teatox and definitely going to buy some more. I haven’t changed my diet too much, just a few alterations, trying to shift a bit of ‘holiday’ weight. I was recommended these teas by a friend who also helps create the Fitness programmes that Teatox do, I have done one of their programmes when training for a Charity challenge rowing the channel, went from being a very amateur athlete to be able to row accomplished to France! Definitely recommend this.

  14. Paula

    I lost 5lb before my holiday, just got back and about to order another teatox!

  15. Alexandria

    Great product! I loved the packaging and read the reviews so had to buy it! Glad I did because it tastes lovely and my friend has just ordered too

  16. Gill

    Quick delivery and tastes lovely

  17. Ellie

    I have just finished my first ever teatox and lost 6lb, I am going to have a break for 2 weeks and do another! I’m glad I found you 🙂

  18. Ash

    I thought I would leave a good review because I was extremely pleased with how my 28 day teatox went. It gave me a structure throughout the day, I knew I didn’t want to spoil my teatox by snacking on naughty things so it made me eat healthier, I used some of your eating plan too. I have lost 6lb in 28 days and I feel better than I have for a long time so thank you.

  19. Mazza

    I am flying to Hawaii tomorrow and thanks to finishing my 28 day ‘holiday prep’ teatox I have lost 9lb which I am so pleased about, following your eating plan has got me in to doing more cooking which is awesome too x

  20. Gillian

    I finished my teatox yesterday and I have to say I feel super. Ordering again when I get paid!

  21. Helen

    Tried other tea tox companies but the taste was not good and it was in loose leaf form, your tea tastes fruity and is in bags! Thanks, Helen

  22. Jess

    You have changed my life! I decided to turn over a new leaf, following your eating plan, going for a walk every day and doing the 28 day teatox programme I have lost 8lb and feel better than ever!! I will be telling all my friends about you x x

  23. sheila

    My friend has just tried my Daytox tea, she is going to order tomorrow! Lovely flavours

  24. Fi

    Tastes good, feel good, thankyou

  25. David

    The teatox has made me think about my overall diet, I don’t want to spoil the progress I am making by eating poorly so your diet plan is great for me. Cheers

  26. Erika

    You sent me a teatox to Sweden and I will be using you again because I am now eating healthy and feeling better than ever

  27. sofia

    I am on week 3 and have lost 1kg already! I have been following your eating plan and not buying frozen meals I feel like I have turned in to a health nut!! thanks so much

  28. Jayne Green

    I am half way thorough my 28 day teatox and have lost 4lb already, can’t wait for the final result thank you muchas x

  29. Jenny Shephard

    I was recommended to you guys by a friend, received my 28 Day Teatox on Friday, the daytox tastes like Sherbet Lemons…amazing!! sleeptox is lovely too I can taste the Orange and the Lavender too! Thanks

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