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  • 28 Day Daytox


    What’s Included?

    A pouch of 28 pyramid teabags of refreshing and invigorating lemon Daytox tea.

    Daytox is the daytime part of our Fruiteatox detox programme.

    Some people drink Daytox as a refreshing drink by itself when they’re not on a full detox programme. It’s ideal to give you a daytime boost and a delicious way to help you make sure you get the hydration your body needs to stay in good shape. It can help suppress appetite, keep you fuller for longer, get rid of bloating and radiate your skin.

    And we’ve had reports that the teabag lasts for at least two cups!!

    Fruiteatox Lemon Daytox tea contains ginseng, ginger root, yerba mate, liquorice root, tie guan yin oolong, lemongrass, fennel seed, and lemon peel and oil so it’s all natural. You can read more about the ingredients and how they can benefit you in the “Our Ingredients” tab.

    All Fruiteatox is blended and bagged in the UK at a facility that is part of the UK Tea Council and is also Ethical Tea Partnership certified.


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