• Fruiteatox Affiliate Scheme

Like Fruiteatox and using Social Media?

Why not join the Fruiteatox Partner Scheme?

If you like our Detox teas and use Social Media you can combine the two and earn some money as a member of our Partner Scheme.

You use your social media presence and great posts to try to get your friends and followers to try Fruiteatox.

If they buy we pay you 10% of the value of the sale. There is no minimum level required.

We provide all the information and help you need to make it work. When you are accepted to join the scheme you have access to your own dashboard which helps you keep track of how you are doing as well as providing the information and help.

The Fruiteatox Partner Scheme is easy to join with no cost to you.  It’s easy out as well that is if you decide you don’t want to be involved any more you can leave at any time.

If you want to read a bit more about how it works then have a look at the scheme details here.

And apply here

Good luck from The Fruiteatox Team!

P.S.  And contact us at if you want to ask any questions.