Our guide to Fruiteatox

If you’re thinking about starting your own teatox journey to wellbeing then you’ve come to the right place! Our Fruiteatox fans can vouch for its tasty goodness and the long-lasting effects but if you’re new to teatoxing, we’ve put together this guide to help you make the best start.

What is Fruiteatox?

It’s a fruity teatox – quite simply, it’s our tasty blend of specially selected natural herbal ingredients that make our tea unique. The ingredients have been chosen to help your body detox and aid digestion.

How does it work?

Our tea programs are designed to fit in with your lifestyle – you can choose to try the Daytox by itself or go for the whole Teatox. Our Teatox provides you with all the tea you need for a 14 or 28-day period during which you drink one cup of Daytox – we recommend having it in the morning for a great boost – and then a cup of Sleeptox every other evening.

Each Daytox bag is packed with ginseng, ginger root, lemon peel, Yerba mate and more to help cleanse your digestive system of toxins which can in turn increase your chance of reaching your weight loss goals. A lot of people love the fresh and zingy lemon taste and jazzing up their cup with these extra ingredients.

Our Sleeptox contains a soothing blend of chamomile, orange peel, valerian root and a tiny bit (that’s just 0.4g in a bag!) of Senna which also gives your digestive system a little helping hand.

We think you’ll find that our two teas complement each other fabulously!

How do I get the best from my Fruiteatox?

To make the best brew, simply pour freshly boiled water that’s been left to cool for 2 minutes over one tea bag and let it steep for 3-4 minutes before removing. Here’s a great tip: we’ve also had reports that our Daytox teabags still have lots of flavour left for more than one brew so you can use your bag more than once!

The whole aim of Fruiteatox is to change your lifestyle and not stick to boring diets so we always say eat regularly and eat well – for some great ideas, check out our eating plan and smoothie recipes.

Please remember though –if you are currently on any prescription medications, including the contraceptive pill, please speak to your GP before starting a teatox to avoid any possible conflicts or side effects.

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