Here’s what you need to know for your Christmas party dress diet

Before your Christmas gets really social there’s plenty of time to prime yourself for all those festive parties, catch-ups and family get-togethers, feel body confident and primed to slip into your party dress. If you’re wondering what things would help you along the way, we’ve got just the advice for you to remember for your Christmas party dress diet.

Watch that diet

It’s not a quick fix so you need to pick the things that are nutritionally beneficial for meals. If you can, cook from scratch and up your protein intake from sources like chicken, pulses, eggs and nuts so mealtimes are that bit more satisfying – you’ll feel fuller for longer. Try to consume carbs at breakfast and lunchtimes as you need more energy during the day and less at night time.

Clear the snack drawer

Take this opportunity to get rid of any naughty foods – chocolate, crisps, sweets and cookies – from your treat drawer so that when you’re tempted to snack, you won’t fall back on any bad habits. Instead, grab a piece of fresh fruit, nuts or plain popcorn to tide you over until your next meal.

Cut out fizzy pop

Fizzy drinks – whether you go for the normal or diet version – have zero nutritional value so keep them to a minimum. As they can also contain a lot of sugar, this means a high-calorie beverage which can contribute to weight gain so are generally best avoided. If you like to drink something flavoured, try out a fruity tea that’s blended from natural ingredients to keep hydrated.

Get moving

Take the stairs at work or on your daily commute, scour YouTube for some home workout videos if the cold weather puts you off going outdoors, or simply go for a brisk walk. Anything that gets your heart rate up for just 15 minutes three times a week will help your body burn calories and tone up.

There are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve fast-fix diets, and most of it revolves around getting into healthy habits like these.

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