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  • Fitness ideas you haven’t tried yet

    9th July 2018

    Bored of the usual Monday night spin class or sick of that same old jogging route? Here are some of the most unusual workouts we’ve been trying out recently, guaranteed not only to shake up your workout but also produce the results you want to see in your body.


    This is a great one if you already love Pilates and boxing or like to work out with cardio fusions. Piloxing takes the graceful movements of Pilates and combines it with powerful punches to strengthen those muscles and give you a workout to torch those calories.


    Just when you thought HIIT classes couldn’t get any tougher, we can tell you: it is possible. And the results are pretty impressive too with some people remarking on its effectiveness over short periods of time. Incorporating an intense aerobic workout with aqua-based drills, Swim-Sanity is a highly effective workout with minimal impact on the joints.

    Boogie Bounce

    Bring out your inner kid during this trampoline workout where you get to work those muscles and burn fat everywhere – and it’s ideal for those who are looking for low-impact activity. It pretty much ends up feeling like a party by the time you bounced your way through a choreographed programme.

    Aerial yoga

    Find your inner peaceful place while suspended in a hammock raised off the ground with an aerial yoga class where you take traditional yoga moves and twist and stretch your way through the air. It’s great for working your core while you destress, and classes take place across the UK.


    We hope we’ve shown you that there’s more to life than boring gym classes and you can check out our top celebrity-inspired workouts too. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated – we love to make a bottle of tasty iced Fruiteatox to quench our thirst when taking a breather.