Celebrity workouts that work

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Ever wanted to have abs like Ellie Goulding, Millie Mackintosh’s toned legs or longing for a physique to rival Gigi’s? With a little guidance from these specially designed workouts, you might just get there. Here are the celebrity workouts that will get you the results.

Stay strong with Gigi

Would you have ever guessed boxing workouts were behind her enviable abs and slender but strong limbs? Well, it’s true! Keeping light on your toes and constantly working your arms gives you amazing upper strength, and keeps the heart rate up during the periods that you’re ducking the punches. Combining cardio and resistance training gives you an entire body workout for optimum results.

Work those muscles like Millie

Alongside regular HIIT and weight sessions, Millie Mackintosh supplements hardcore workouts with muscle-stretching yoga classes for every body part. Her favourite yin yoga classes consist of stretches held for three minutes (sounds like a challenge) but here’s her trick when it comes to the colder months and she wants to work out: hot yoga. One thing’s for sure – you will sweat!

Ellie’s all about the reps

She says it herself: strong is beautiful. So just how does she do it? For a great video guide that covers seven moves designed by a trainer, check out this top to toe workout. Plank variations will get you focused on stabilising your core and one-legged burpees are sure to get your heart going, while four-cone leg hops will get you feeling the burn.

Get bikini ready with Kayla

Known for being the creator of the immensely popular Bikini Body Guide, Kayla’s your Ms Motivator, and her 28-minute formula has been working a treat on plenty of people – just take a look at her Instagram to see the proof. Tone your core and arms with reps of this circuit incorporating split jumps, weighted bent leg jack knifes, side raises and toe taps. You’ll be done before you know it.


Finding your perfect routine is what makes working out so much better so we hope you find something you like. Fuel your workouts with the right nutrition and remember to keep hydrated with something natural and delicious to take a sip of whenever you feel thirsty.

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