About us

We are a UK company, based in East Yorkshire, providing teas that not only taste delicious but can also help you to feel better and healthier.

We sincerely believe that achieving the right level of wellbeing, being healthy and feeling good is a direct result of getting the right balanced diet combined with exercise that works for you and your lifestyle. We aspire to bring you teas which, through their unique blend of herbs and spices, will complement your lifestyle and enhance your wellbeing.

Our aim is to deliver great tasting teas from premium quality, 100% natural ingredients. We use the skills of our expert tea blenders to source them from all over the world. They are blended and bagged in the UK at a facility in England which is a member of the UK Tea Council and is also Ethical Tea Partnership certified. Then they are sent out to you from our distribution centre here in Yorkshire.

There is more on our ingredients here and a bit more on how we operate here. Or you can just email us to ask.

We don’t waste money on a big swanky corporate office with loads of backroom staff but we have a small dedicated team supported by great external partners to deliver the quality of service and goods that our customers expect and deserve.

We are a small enthusiastic business committed to giving you our personal service. We welcome any comments you have on our products or the service we provide. You can send them to us though the contact form on our website here or by emailing us on or to me personally at

Best wishes and enjoy your Fruiteatox!

Featured Products

28 Day Teatox

28 day Fruiteatox Teatox package to include in your four week detox programme. Contains

  • 28 teabags of refreshing and invigorating Fruiteatox Lemon Daytox tea to be used every day for two weeks
  • 14 teabags of calming and settling Orange Sleeptox tea to be drunk one every 2 nights

14 Day Sleeptox

Your 14 day Orange Sleeptox includes 7 pyramid teabags to be drunk every other night for 2 weeks.

It’s formulated to be enjoyed before bed to aid relaxation, give you a peaceful night’s sleep and cleanse your body of toxins.



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