5 ways to slow down and be happier

When was the last time you took a moment to slow down, relax and take in the present moment? We appreciate that it’s not always easy when life gets as hectic as it does what with work, home and family commitments but we truly believe in living a more stress-free life. Here’s how to make a start.

Take better care of yourself: pay attention to all those things that enhance your life – a balanced diet filled with amazing and colourful foods, exercise that gets your heart going and enough sleep. It’s important to direct enough energy into making sure you don’t neglect yourself.

Take a break from technology: we’re constantly expected to be on the ball at work and social media is a huge distraction but there’s a time and place for everyone to disconnect from phones, laptops and tablets. Why not make it once a week for the ultimate feeling of freedom – it really works, we’ve tried it.

Just be: there’s always something to do but how about we take a little time out of our day to relax in the moment? Whether you unwind with a long walk outdoors or sit quietly with your favourite cup of tea (ahem, Fruiteatox!), just appreciate the moment.

Keep things in perspective: yes, there are things we’d change about our appearance or things we wish we were better at doing at work but how about we think about the things that are positive about our lives? If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by four walls and family and friends who care about you, then you’re lucky in that itself.

Learn to say no: most of us do things to make other people happy but every now and again, we need to save ourselves from a burn-out. So we need to learn that we can’t always say yes to everything and that focusing on the tasks we can complete equals success in its own right.


We say you can’t go wrong with sitting down with a cup of Fruiteatox to take in the present moment. Whether you choose to take a few minutes to yourself in the evening with our relaxing Sleeptox blend or like to have a refreshing Daytox to reinvigorate yourself, there’s a Fruiteatox for you.

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