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  • 5 tips for eating out healthily

    4th June 2018

    We all love to eat out every now and again for a treat, don’t we? When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, navigating those menus can sometimes be a little tricky but, believe it or not, it is definitely possible to dine, drink and have fun without compromising your regime. Here’s how to stay healthy when eating out.

    Bulk up on vegetables

    One great way to avoid overeating is to order salad for your starter or pick a main that’s vegetable-heavy – this way, you’ll not only limit how much you eat, you’ll up your intake of minerals, nutrients and fibre. Just watch out for oily dressings, mayonnaise and vegetables that come with butter and cheese sauce.

    Beware the bread

    It’s all too easy to chomp on the bread out for you on arrival at a restaurant but you’re unwittingly adding extra calories before you even order your meal. Send the bread away so you’re not tempted to nibble.

    Portion control

    We tend to eat more when we’re out but you can control your calorie intake by eating smart – things like ordering a starter with a side of vegetables and requesting to take the remainder of your meal home if you’ve landed a particularly generous portion are good ways to keep disciplined.

    Be drink aware

    Be mindful of the extra calories in alcoholic beverages. Make sensible choices like ordering a small glass of wine or alternating alcoholic drinks with water. Better still – drink water before and throughout the meal as it helps you to gauge how full you are, decreasing your calorie intake.

    Just desserts

    If you have a sweet tooth and must have something consider sharing a dessert with someone else or the table as you’ll find that a few bites should be enough.