5 Benefits of Drinking Fruiteatox

Winter’s definitely here now and your daily Fruiteatox provides you with a huge range of benefits. Whatever you’re doing in your busy life, Fruiteatox could be just what you need to kick-start your day and later on to settle you down before bed.

You won’t miraculously lose weight by drinking Fruiteatox alone. But it can be a valuable part of your regime to improve your health and wellness alongside eating the right diet and exercising.

So give it a try here

1. Need a morning energy boost? Or some calm for a good night’s sleep?

Lemon Daytox Tea is an ideal and delicious start to the day. Its mix of totally natural ingredients leaves you feeling fresh and ready to face nearly anything!

Orange Sleeptox Tea helps to give you a peaceful night’s sleep by helping to cleanse your body from toxins and reduce stress levels and headaches with a hint of lavender. 

2. If only something good for you tasted good too… 

We tested many, many hundreds of potential combinations of herbs and fruits to get the best possible combination. The result is a delicious tea – morning Daytox and night Sleeptox.

We source those ingredients from around the globe and our teabags are packed in a BRC accredited, Ethical Tea Partnership facility so quality is guaranteed.

You can find out more about our ingredients here   

3. Stay hydrated

Instead of having your ritual cups of coffee each day, if instead you drink Fruiteatox not only will it give you a range of benefits as mentioned above, but it will also help to keep you hydrated throughout the day!

4. Feeling Peckish?

The delicious ingredients, such as Yerba Mate from Brazil, can quickly fill you up – perfect if you get those late night urges! Fruiteatox can help you fight those cravings and is a great replacement for sugary fizzy drinks and we assure you – it’s just as delicious…

5. Reduce bloat

The herbal ingredients in Fruiteatox are all traditionally associated with beneficial effects on health. Some of them are associated with reducing the impact of looking and feeling bloated. So Ginger Root from China is traditionally associated with boosting circulation, battling bloating and relieving nausea as well as adding a zingy flavour to put a spring in your step.

Like the sound of Fruiteatox? Get your own here.

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