3 ways to live a stress-free life

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live care and stress-free? It’s not so easy these days when you have one million things to do at work and at home, different people demanding your attention and there’s virtually no limit on the number of ways any one person can contact you. Here’s the good news: it is possible to effectively cope with stress and we’re going to share some of our secrets to help you manage it. Altogether now… take a deep breath and read on.

1. Get some perspective

When it comes down to it, we create feelings of stress within ourselves when we have false beliefs or negative thoughts. Shake those off, and start thinking like those ‘glass half-full’ people for a positive outlook on life – these are the ones who are more likely to bounce back from tough situations. If you’re stressing about something you have no control over (like a transport delay) and won’t be able to solve it in the next two hours, simply let it go and see the bigger picture.

2. Be mindful

Practising mindfulness means staying present in what’s happening in the moment without judgement. As the great philosopher and psychologist William James said: ‘The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.’ That means we have to be able to choose how we react to thoughts, giving us an element of control and not letting them take over. Imagine thoughts are buses that come and go, and you don’t have to get on them and be taken away.

3. Give yourself a big hug

Do something really indulgent to take good care of yourself. Putting aside that time to be present to yourself makes a huge difference in our lives when we spend so much of it fulfilling the needs of others. It could be something as simple as taking a warm bath surrounded by candles or calling a friend. Taking these actions really help reduce stress in your life.


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