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13th June 2014

In books you always read about that one monumental phone call that changed the protagonists life, or that letter in the post that contained the keys to the future… or any number of stereotypical transformation clichés.

With Fruiteatox, we can’t say that we relate. What began as a casual conversation over a cup of Yorkshire tea (it might not be herbal but we’ll always be diehard fans) turned into weeks of curiosity-led research, and all of a sudden we were sprinkling various concoctions of dried leaves and fruit into a line-up of identical teacups; blind tasting what would eventually become Fruiteatox.

It might not be the most romantic of stories, but for us it has been an exciting, informative and exhilarating journey – honestly, who knew that waiting for a packet of tea to arrive in the post could be this nerve-racking?

We’ve spoken to specialists and sourced our teas from all over the world, with ingredients ranging in origin from Thailand to Brazil. You can check out our ingredients list to learn more about what’s in Fruiteatox and where it comes from, and you can also read more about our story on the About Us page.

Over the past few weeks we have been selecting random tea-tasters to test our products and so far we have had an amazing response. We love feedback so feel free to contact us at with any comments or questions.

A great way to find out when we’ll host new tea-tastings, special offers, new recipes and exclusive events is to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

We hope that you love Fruiteatox as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. We don’t promote faddy diets or quick-fixes, we’re the tea specialists who focus on feeling good from the inside-out, so stop the diet and start a lifestyle!

Love, Fruiteatox



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