Our Detox Tea Ingredients

We’ve tested dozens of ingredients and countless combinations of natural fruits, herbs and leaves in order to get the best results.

Fruiteatox is blended and bagged in the UK at a facility that is part of the UK Tea Council and is also Ethical Tea Partnership certified. We also have ISO9001 certification. Please see below for the list of 100% natural ingredients, where they come from and what they can do for your body’s well being.

Our Sleeptox tea contains Senna and we know that too much Senna can give stomach cramps and is not good for the body. This is why, unlike other teatox companies, we only us 0.4 grams of Senna in each teabag for a gentle and subtle affect.


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Ginseng – from China

Ginseng is known as a ‘Super Herb’. It’s great for fighting fatigue and increasing stamina, so it’s ideal to drink before you head to the gym! Studies have shown that taking Ginseng daily can also increase the number of white blood cells, raise metabolic rates and is often used to control blood pressure, shock and depression.

Ginger Root – from China

We have included Ginger root for its ability to help soothe the digestive system due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Some studies have shown that Ginger Root contains blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties, as well as being great at boosting circulation, battling bloating and relieving nausea. It’s one of our favourite ingredients, and it also adds a zingy flavour to put a spring in your step.

Yerba Mate – from Brazil

Yerba Mate has stimulant qualities that slow down digestion so that your stomach stays fuller for longer. Combining Yerba Mate with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to boost your metabolism, thus enabling you to burn more calories. It can also help you to eat less by curbing your appetite slightly.

Liquorice Root – from China

Liquorice Root is often overlooked as herbal solution, yet it has proven itself effective in fighting high amount of fats in the blood. It is also know for helping with the treatment of ulcers, fighting fatigue, menopause, depression, colds and flu due to hundreds of healing compounds hidden inside its unlikely exterior.

Tie Guan Yin Oolong – from China

Also known as the ‘Iron Goddess’, Tie Guan Yin is a premium strain of Chinese Oolong tea and gives off a beautiful, unique aroma with floral notes and hint of fruit.

Lemongrass – from Thailand

Its fragrant smell and delicious taste make it ideal to add to our refreshing detox tea, but Lemongrass also has medicinal properties. It is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, can help with relieving coughs and nasal congestion (which is great for fighting off those winter bugs), and also acts as a diuretic. Another great side effect of incorporating Lemongrass into your daily routine is for its cosmetic appeal – it reduces spots and acne, leaving you with beautiful, refreshed skin.

Fennel Seeds – from India

Fennel Seeds are a great source of dietary fibre. They help to ensure that water is absorbed throughout the digestive system, and are also full of vitamins A, C & E

Lemon peel - from Spain

We source our fruit peels exclusively from Spain. The lemon peel in the Daytime Detox is ideal to wake you up in the morning and keep you alert and refreshed throughout the day, and the citrus notes also compliment the Orange peel in our Bedtime Cleanse.

Lemon oil - from Spain

Lemon oil is great for boosting the immune system. It aids weight loss, is an excellent stress-buster and cleanses the body. Plus, it adds an extra fruity note to our delicious detox tea.

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Chamomile – from Egypt

Chamomile is treasured for having mild sedative effects which helps to induce a great nights sleep whilst also working wonders for the overall flavour of the blend

Senna – from India

We have included Senna because it is known for its laxative effects. It gives your digestive system a little helping hand by interacting with the bacteria in the digestive track and stimulating your bowel movements. When used correctly, it gives your system a good clean and rids the body of toxins.

Valerian Root – from Poland

In addition to being used for the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders, Valerian Root has also been used to treat anxiety and gastrointestinal pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome. It has also been used in alternative medicine to treat symptoms such as nervous tension, excitability, and stress, as well as intestinal colic or cramps and as a muscle relaxant.

Hawthorn Leaves – from Hungary

Studies have proven that hawthorn increases blood flow to the heart, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure, it has also been used on the skin to treat skin sores

Lavender – from France

Lavender has a delicate, fragrant scent and is used in some countries as a remedy for insomnia. It is also a popular anti-depressant and can help to reduce stress levels and headaches. The subtle flavor is married with a tang of citrus.

Orange peel – from Spain

This gives the bedtime detox tea a fruity twang to compliment the softness of the Oolong, Chamomile and Lavender.

Orange oil - Spain

Orange oil is a natural cleanser and is even known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps to rid the body of excess toxins, boosts immunity and is great for maintaining smooth, healthy, glowing skin. We have added a subtle hint to gently balance the flavours of our Sleeptox.