Where is Fruiteatox detox tea made?

Our detox tea is blended and bagged in the UK at a facility that is part of the UK Tea Council and is also Ethical Tea Partnership certified. Fruiteatox Ltd has ISO9001 certification. We source our ingredients from all over the world and there is more information on them on our ingredients page.

Is Fruiteatox Natural and chemical free?

Yes! All of our ingredients are 100% natural.

What does detox tea do?

The natural ingredients in detox teas help to supplement your healthy eating plan and helps cleanse your body by clearing toxins from your digestive system. Having an efficient digestive system maximizes your chance of reaching your weight loss goals.

How do I download my free Vegan Eating Plan, Exercise Plan or Super Smoothie Recipes?

The plans are free and you can download them from either our Home or Shop pages.

Just click the download button under the plan you want and you will be able to download and save the plan.

If you are using an iPhone/iPad simply click the download link and add the plan to iBooks to save the file for viewing when ever you need to.

If you using an Android device save the PDF file in your desired location and access the file from here the next time you need to view it.

When will I get my order?

We dispatch our orders the same day provided we receive them before 1pm (except at weekends when they’re sent on Monday). We use the Post office and couriers so please allow for delivery
UK – 1-3 working days
Europe – 3-7 working days
Outside Europe – up to 14 days depending on destination

Please note that sometimes your country may hold your detox tea at customs so it could take a little longer to get to you.

Do you ship Fruiteatox internationally?

Absolutely, we ship worldwide so don’t worry, you can order Fruiteatox from anywhere!

Does Fruiteatox have a Best Before date?

Fruiteatox has a best before date of 4 years after the date it was packed. Provided you do not keep it in extreme conditions – for example extreme heat – it should remain in good condition for at least that time.

Is Fruiteatox gluten free?

Fruiteatox is 100% gluten free.

Is there any caffeine in Fruiteatox?

There is a small amount of caffeine in Lemon Daytox. It comes from the Tie Kuan Yin Oolong leaf which is a small proportion of the blend.

I currently take medication or have an existing health condition, can I still use Fruiteatox?

If you are currently on any prescription medications, including the contraceptive pill, please speak to your GP before starting a Teatox to avoid any possible conflicts or side effects.

Can I drink Fruiteatox while breast feeding or if I am pregnant?

Our detox tea is 100% natural to promote the body’s well being but it is best to consult your doctor before using if you are pregnant.