Healthy Eating Plan

We want to enable you to be the best that you can be; with the healthy skin and body you’ve always desired. Below we have put together a few healthy, quick and easy meals from breakfast through to dinner, plus a few healthy snacks. Combine our teatox with a balanced meal plan and you will be one step further towards achieving your goals.

One tip before we start: drink lots of water, it is very important to remain hydrated throughout the teatox.

Breakfast »

Poached eggs on toast - Poach two eggs and serve with a slice of wholemeal or rye toast.

Green smoothie - Add one cup of greens (spinach, kale or other leafy veg), two cups of fruit (pick your favourite) and two cups of liquid (water, milk, coconut water, fruit juice) to a blender with ice and enjoy! You can also add yoghurt to the mix, or even a tablespoon of seeds for omega 3. Tip: Freeze your fruit and omit the ice for an extra fruity breakfast.

Toast & Honey - Toast two slices of wholemeal bread and drizzle with honey. You could also add a sliced banana too to keep you going until lunch.

Oats & Berries - A bowl of oats with skimmed milk, sprinkled with fresh berries of your choice. Alternatively, add honey or maple syrup.

Cereal - A bowl of Bran flakes, natural muesli or Shredded Wheat with skimmed milk.

Omelette - Mix three egg whites with one yolk and add whatever healthy ingredients you fancy. We're particularly fond of spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Yoghurt - Enjoy a fat free natural yoghurt and garnish with your choice of fresh fruit and honey.Weetabix - Two Weetabix with skimmed milk and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Breakfast is the ideal time of day to enjoy your revitalising cup of Daytox!

Lunch »

Soup - Blend mixed vegetables with stock and herbs for a delicious fresh bowl of soup - full of goodness and low on calories.

Jacket Potato - Oven cooked jacket potato with tuna & sweetcorn.

Healthy fries - Baked sweet potato fries cooked in coconut oil.

Tuna pasta - Wholemeal pasta with pesto, sweetcorn, green peppers & tuna.

Vegetables & rice - Wild rice and mixed seasonal vegetables, nice and easy to prepare before work.

Quinoa and avocado - A serving of quinoa flavoured with lemon, paprika, parsley and mixed seeds with half an avocado.

Prawn salad - Responsibly sourced prawns on a mixed leaf salad with a light splash of olive oil.

Smoked mackerel or salmon salad - Mixed leaf salad with spinach and smoked mackerel or salmon. Fish is a great source of omega 3, which is great for your skin.

Smoked salmon - Smoked salmon and spinach in a wholemeal roll, or with a green salad.

Dinner »

Tuna steak with roast vegetables - Oven bake your tuna steak with seasonal vegetables. Serve with a squeeze of lemon.

Baked salmon - Baked salmon served with a sweet potato and lots of steamed green vegetables.

Vegetable casserole - Potatoes, onions, carrots, peas and mushrooms slow cooked with stock.

Stir-fry - Add vegetables to a wok with 1tbsp of olive oil. Add your own preference of lean meat and fish with light soy sauce.

Fish & Chips… but healthy - Oven cooked fresh fillet of white fish served with home made sweet potato fries and a squeeze of lemon.

Jacket & Chilli - Oven-baked sweet potato with chilli made from quorn mince and optional low fat sour cream.

Healthy Snacks »

  • A piece of fruit
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Natural cereal/fruit bar
  • Hummous with carrot and celery sticks
  • Small pot of fat free yoghurt
  • Small piece of dark chocolate
  • Oatcakes with cottage cheese
  • Rivita with 100% natural peanut butter