• Fruiteatox - The Natural Fruity Teatox Programme

Welcome to Fruiteatox Detox Tea

Detox Tea for a Healthy Lifestyle

Thanks so much for joining us on the Fruiteatox programme! We are a UK based detox tea company, born out of a passion to live a healthy stress-free lifestyle. We prioritize the body’s well being as a healthy lifestyle change – no faddy diets here!

After researching other teatoxes we realised many were packed with unnecessary ingredients that had very little benefit and resulted in horrible side effects such as stomach cramps, not to mention the horrible taste!

The aim with our detox teas was to create a great tasting teatox packed with premium quality, 100% natural ingredients sourced from all over the world that promotes health and wellness.

We source our Lemons & Oranges from a fruit farm in Spain which gives our teatox a refreshing fruity taste!

Our detox tea is blended and bagged in the UK at a facility that is part of the UK Tea Council and is also Ethical Tea Partnership certified. We also have ISO9001 certification.

Click on the ‘Our Ingredients’ tab for full details of our ingredients, where they come from and what they will do for you and your body.

Alongside our free eating plan and regular exercise, Fruiteatox is changing the lifestyles of thousands of people world wide.

We hope you enjoy!